CybsterSpace #30 (2006-08-30)


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(Source Unknown)

01 Groovebox – 8-Bit Felon (Original Mix)
02 DJ Eric Ill – Give It Up (DJ Eric Ill and SEO’s Mix)
03 tyDi – is it cold
04 Ethereal – This is Rome
05 Sonic Radiation – Winds of Fury
06 XaiN – Lagto Soa
07 The Beat Counselor – Cmon

Jenny Jen & TAKi76 – If U Can Walk U Can Roll
PHAT SK8TRAX, is Jenny Jen & TAKi76. Influences: RUN DMC, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Beastie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Blondie, Kurtis Blow, George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, MF Doom, Teena Marie, Snoop Dog, Prince, Madonna, Schoolhouse Rock.

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Do you play in the virtual world “Second Life“? Look me up, Im Cybster Curtis. Put “cybster” in the find box and check out my Dance Club, Roller Skating Rink and Upper Pool Deck.

That’s all for now, please stay subscribed and tell as many others about the show as you can. Point them to the iTunes Music Store and search for “Cybster”.

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