CybsterSpace #13 (2006-02-11)


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Let’s now take a look at the songs played on todays show. Click the Artist name for more details and purchase links:

00:00:00 Holler – Perfect
00:02:50 Art Hodge – Rocket Up
00:05:20 If Else Then – Android Fever
00:08:15 Klavar – Groove
00:13:15 Kparx – The Afterlife
00:15:55 Randall Cousins – Are We There Yet
00:18:31 Steffen Coonan – Bass Ride
00:25:40 Xenotoxin – Passive Regressive
00:28:18 Aftertouch – Trust
00:32:04 Absent Machine – System Error

Thanks for joining me and I hope to invade your eardrums again next week.

See ya later mate.

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