CybsterSpace #06 (2005-12-04)


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G’day! Since the last episode Cybster DJ (me) has been very busy working from one end of Australia to the other. I usually work around south-east queensland but the last month or so has taken me to Cairns (qld), Dalby (qld) and to the Westernmost part of Australia, Exmouth (wa) via Perth (wa). Phew.

So… here is a quick iPod stuffer featuring music from the Podsafe Music network. Also included is the Podsafe for Peace song which was a joint project of podsafe music artists from all over the world. More info at Enjoy!

Featured Music
* Space Rocks Keep Falling on My Head – Away With The Fairys
* The Edge of Illusion – DJ Topshelf
* Moses & Morty – George Hrab
* Restart/Reload – Clairvoyance
* GrooveIT – Denis Kitchen
* Exactly – cjacks
* Unreasonable Force – Dr. Awkward
* Wanna Luv You – Henta
* Gimme You Love – Automatic
* Voltage Clamp – Rubber Band Banjo
* If Every Day Were Christmas – Podsafe for Peace

* Available from

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