CybsterSpace #03 (2005-08-16)


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Gidday. The third CybsterSpace Podcast is here. This show includes new music including some from the Podsafe Music Network. Thank you to those who have sent me songs and kind feedback for the show.

CybsterSpace coordinates 27°06’37.57″ S 152°54’54.29″ E


  • Are We There Yet – Randall Cousins
  • Rotterdam Blonde – Randall Cousins
  • The Shnay Speaks – Cagey House
  • Shine (F9 Mix) – Hungry Lucy
  • What Is Truth – Cybster.DJ

CybsterSpace needs songs to play on the show. If you or your band have original songs and hold the copyright to them, please send them in to mail[@] . Also please include some wording giving me permission to use it.

Also needed are songs for remixing and mashups. Once again they need to be your own. Send them in to with relevant permissions.

I’d love your feedback. Send me an audio message.

Thanks and make sure you stay subscribed.

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